i was born in belgium, where my father was from, i spent the summers of my childhood and my youth, here, in my maternal ampurdan, i studied in bordeaux and paris, i raised my children in madrid. a little over 10 years ago i left the big city and came to live in roses, costa brava.
today, i happily share my life with my partner aboard a sailboat.
my cultures, my languages: spanish, french, catalan and english.


invent, draw, design and create. as a child, i imagined becoming an inventor. though originally my profession is creative, graphic designer and visual communicator.


is both a practice, a lifestyle and a job. i discovered it by chance during a trip to india, where i returned later to find out more and then to train there as a hatha teacher. in summer i offer classes outdoor. i also teach in a hall, at home and even at work.


i offer a hand to my neighbors in roses and surroundings. setting up furnitures, fixing an outlet, hanging curtains, setting up a cell phone, tuning in the tv, go shopping, accompanying to the doctor and translating, making an appointment with the dentist, claiming an invoice, calling to the spanish social security ...
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i really like walking. i also like to share with others the many roads, tracks and trails of the ampurdan. my partner and i do it for the sheer pleasure of walking and meeting people.


getting rid of too much, keeping what is necessary. it is simply beautiful.

eric milet
yoga, walks, help & design
+34 605 856 740
roses, girona, spain